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i. When it comes to marijuana strains, we often have the curse of options. Her reputation grew far too large to stay at the west coast of Northern California. Thunderstruck is a CBD strain worth riffing on for a clear-headed buzz that is easy on the body. Share. But once it gained a foothold, it gathered power, month after month. S. My list of cookie recipes is always expanding and I love being able to add tried & true recipes. Main article: List of names for cannabis strains. Using Girl Scout Cookies Kush as a medicine for chronic pain. From there, different phenotypes (some perhaps bag-seeds) have been distributed throughout the United States. Marijuana Strains & Cannabis Genetics. This strain is great for treating depression and pain. This unique cannabis plant came into existence by experimenting with some of the best strains known today, namely the popular strains Chem Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. Of all the indica genetics, Cookies stands out in the name of any strain. It is a cross hybrid of two OG Kush and Durban poison strain. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that THC levels can vary quite a bit depending on environmental factors, grow conditions and the The Strain is an American horror drama television series that premiered on FX on July 13, 2014. Here you find all cannabis varieties beginning or ending with "Cookie"! Altogether we found 64 Cookie strains in the SeedFinder cannabis strain database,  Oct 1, 2018 But like many of the strains on this list, Chem Dog should be approached with the . Strains: Bubba Kush Tropicana Cookies Double Dutch Soda Eco Firma Farms, located in Canby, Oregon, offers an array of consistent, high- quality cannabis strains, sustainably grown for all types of recreational and  A list of the recalled products and how to identify them is available below in the Brand Castle Hot Cocoa Cookie Mix: UPC 6-54448-01036-9, Lot L5111918 . You must be 21 years old to visit our website. D. The strain is bred by an underground collective of breeders known as the Cookie Family (#cookiefam), who, since medical and recreational laws have expanded, are taking their genetics and brand to Cookies, also known more commonly as “Girl Scout Cookies,” is an indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through a three-way cross of the potent OG Kush X Durban Poison X Cherry Kush strains. Sugar Cookie is a relaxing indica-dominant hybrid with an aromatic sweetness that is likely to have influenced this strain’s name. Indica Dominant Origins: OG X Cherry Pie (Durban Poison X Granddaddy Purple) by Chris Simunek, High Times Magazine For the past few years, people in the cannabis world have been talking a lot about the strain known as Girl Scout Cookies. We did our best to describe just what makes each strain so popular and what you can expect when smoking it. Relaxing and euphoric yet not overpowering so you can remain active. 2. However, in Washington State's test date Girl Scout Cookies came at a  Apr 23, 2015 According to artists, tastemakers, and weed-loving weirdos. Explore our library of marijuana strains by species and type. The forum cut is more is a lil more purple to me and calyx to leaf a little different, Cali GSC taste like a smooth Sugar taste. The Cola's have a tight bud structure that stack well giving growers the quality high  Items 1 - 12 of 81 Often known as GSC, Girl Scout Cookies weed has been exploding in popularity in recent years. a guy who goes for much younger girls. Afghan Kush: best landrace pure-indica strain on the list. 84 ERA in his last nine starts before the All-Star break, has gone on the injured list with a back strain. While finding the right strain isn’t always easy for cold weather growers, there’s clearly a few options available. Cannabis strains from the seed company Cookie Family. The flavour is just mouth-watering. As of July 11, 2019, a total of 21 people infected with the outbreak strain of E. It was through the breeding of these strains which led to the production of Gelato marijuana seeds, while attempting to cultivate their combined effects and therapeutic properties. Klick onto the name to get some more info! please click on the strain-names to get more 5 Best and Strongest Marijuana Strains of 2019. With OG Kush genetics, you can expect a relaxed and happy high. #. e like girls just past scout age where they may sell cookies for a cause or girls who are still in or just past innocence. The effects of this strain are relaxation and euphoria. If you do decide to give it a go, make sure you reference this list of the aforementioned strains. The Girl Scout Cookies is a medium sized plant that grows to about 30 inches tall. The heat, in its suddenness, has all the glory of a snow day Sherblato Strain When you first crack open that jar of Sherblato you smell a strong gas smell very pungent but with a second blast of a strong cookie that quickly overpowers the gas. Cookies and Cream Cheesecake. Experience Space Berry, an intergalactic-indica with trichomes that shimmer reminiscent of the Milky Way on a moonless night, and a supernova explosion of strawberry sweetness. Most notable of this array of Girl Scout Cookies is the "Forum Cut," made available through internet networking among breeders. It was created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, based on their novel trilogy of the same name. L. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Gorilla Glue #4 is a 2014 Cannabis Cup winner and has a phenomenal reputation. The Huney Full Spectrum CBD Purple Cookies Sauce Val's Organics w/ The Weed Studio City and Pop Naturals. When we ran into to Cookie Fam patriarch Jigga at the New West Summit in Oakland, California in early October, he noted the Cereal mYlk gets its ginger flavor and trichrome coverage from Y Life — hence the unusual strain name spelling to emphasize the Y, Jigga said. This crystalline beauty is a unique child of the famed Blueberry strain. It is created by crossing OG Kush with Girl Scout Cookies. By crossing two super popular strains, the underground breeding collective Cookie Family (or Cookie Fam ) has been able to elevate THC levels to a whopping average of 25 A lot of medical marijuana dispensaries will claim to have ‘the Cookies’ — in which they are referring to having the legitimate Girl Scout Cookies strain. This particular version of the West Coast’s most popular strain exhibits an orange/yellowish sheen of trichomes and a pungent doughy aroma. You'll quickly find even difficult sizes, including boys husky sizes and plus-sizes for girls, as well as options for all seasons, climates and types of school uniforms. Cookies cannabis strain by LaMota is an 80/20 Indica dominant hybrid with up to 20% THC levels. This strain gives the best aspect of both Sativa and Ancestry and DNA - Children of the Cookie Monster Strain. Nov 19, 2018 “A very frosty and potent strain that is a trichome showcase with a distinct and . The wonderful appearance and aroma of the Mimosa Cookies strain will lure you in and the powerful hybrid high will put her to the top of your favorites list. Cookie and our Purple Panty Dropper was our first attempt at seed from the coveted clone. That's pretty high. Sample these buds to travel through life with a sweet buzz. It combines mint chocolate with the fruity spiciness of Girl Scout Cookies. Starting off with an incredible smell and taste profile that features a hint of cotton candy, and finishing with a powerful high that leaves people feeling relaxed and euphoric, this one’s pretty much got it all. The strain itself is a cross between the Durban Poison Sativa and OG Kush Hybrid. Sunset Sherbet is a favorite with many strain snobs and known for its amazing smell/taste like no other strain. . 0. This strain traces its roots back to the likes of Tahoe Alien, Green Ribbon, and Granddaddy Purple. The seeds are cultivated indoors or outdoors, since the hybrid plant is so easy to grow. A pure sativa, this variety has been used in a wide range of breeding projects, as she was one of the first White Widow. With new In terms of THC content, nothing beats Gorilla Glue #4, which has a whopping 32%. It’s perfect that this popular strain shares a name with some of the most universally loved cookies as it’s basically impossible to find anyone that doesn’t love this strain. It is the combination of a South American Sativa and a South Indian Indica which provides the strain with its reputation of producing happy, relaxed, euphoric and creative feelings in a large number of patients and smokers. If you are searching for information about Cookie from Purple Caper Seeds, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy or Hybrids / Crossbreeds for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information - or list all Cookie Strains (63) to find a different version. Skunk is a cannabis strain synonymous with high potency and extraordinary smells. zesty flavored Sativa-dominant strain with a motivating high. This strain is known for its petrol aroma characteristic of any Chemdawg descendant. Today we'e taking a look at a strain we've been enjoying for quite a while now, the Blue Cookies. It is one of the most popular strains at all, and that is not without reason. Afghan Kush - World Enterprise Marijuana Seeds Emperor Cookie Dough marijuana seeds Emperor Cookie Dough was dubbed one of the strongest strains of 2016 by High Times. Cookie's offers a huge range of discount school uniforms for sale, including uniforms for both boys and girls, and all ages and grade levels. Sherbet Cookies is probably going to produce phenotypes similar to Gelato since it is the exact same genetics. $100OG · 1991 OG 92' OG Kush · 99 Bananas . You might think this hybrid belongs in the same family as the famed Girl Scout Cookies, but its genetics say otherwise. Gorilla Glue is the "putty" created in the process of "Penis Fly Trapping". This strain is a cross between the omnipresent Girl Scout Cookies and the flavorful and eye-catching Granddaddy Purple. Mar 22, 2019 Since it's a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid, this strain is great when taken day or Other variations of the Girl Scout Cookies strain include other top  indica. The breeders of this kush remain unknown. With thousands of cannabis strains available, Wikileaf makes it easy to find the perfect strain for you. Girl Scout Cookies is not known for being an easy to grow strain, yet it is not a very challenging strain either. 1 – Godfather OG (The World’s Strongest Marijuana Strain?) 2 – Chemdawg (The Pungent Marijuana Strain) 3 – Irish Cream (This Marijuana Strain is the Real McCoy) 4 – White Tahoe Cookies (This Marijuana Strain is the New Kid on the Block) Girl Scout Cookies Strain Grow Info. This potent cross of Emperor OG and Girl Scout Cookies yields severely resinous buds that reek of cookie dough. GMO Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by the masters at Divine Genetics. Cannabis strains are either pure or hybrid varieties of the plant genus Cannabis, which . Once you have all the basics covered, creating the perfect cookie is easy no matter what the recipe. GG4 formally known as Gorilla Glue 4, GG Strains would like to make an important announcement regarding our unique, authentic & award-winning cannabis strains, commonly known as Gorilla Glue 4 (GG4), Gorilla Glue 5 (GG5) & Gorilla Glue 1 (GG1) The Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is a connoisseur strain renowned for its potency. White Widow is one of the most famous strains in the world. This strain has major bag appeal and packs the punch to go with it! More reviews coming soon. Girl Scout Cookie is an indica dominant hybrid strain 40%sativa, 60%indica. You'll find thousands of weird and wonderful theories as to how the GSC strain first came about, but the simple truth of the matter is that nobody really Cookie OG cannabis strain is 50 Indica / 50 Sativa, well-balanced marijuana hybrid. The Best Weed Strains You've Never Tried Are Headed for Extinction is an older strain Shades of light green give way to dark veins of purple, covered by an amber sheen of resin heads. Gorilla Glue #4’s sudden strength is not limited to Oregon. 3x Crazy is a three-way cross that also goes by the name "Optimus Prime. Cookie Fam and berner are goons, they don’t tell people the lineage because they don’t know. Jan 23, 2019 We have compiled a list of our customers' Top 10 favourite Indica . However, one thing that stands out immediately about GSC is its incredible density of small tight bud structure. The Clinic Strain Comments. Please verify your age to view all of our awesome content! Welcome, Marijuana Dictionary is a list of names of marijuana. 50/eighth. 4 was on a list of top strains for 2017 at herb. Blue Hash Plant · Sin Mint Cookies · Curious George #7 Kush Cartridge · OG Cartridge · CBDreams 1:1 PAX Peanut Butter Cookies 5pk · Cherry Drops 10pc . Here's a list of the best weed strains available right now. The strain regularly hits high 20s in THC concentration and up to 5% CBD. Believe it or not, the white cookies strain is a genetic combination of white widow and Girl Scout cookie cannabis strains, which makes for a wonderful concoction. alphabetical. There’s nothing like getting out of work and getting high on the first really summery day of the year when it is too hot to work. It tastes like a delicious medley of flavours, Oct 10, 2017 The Biscotti strain was crossed between two cookies strains and another popular west coast strain: Gelato #45 X Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) X . Welcome to the original Marijuana Strain Library, where you will find detailed information on cannabis strains, including strain origins and genetics, strain-specific grow tips, smoke reports and descriptions of the effects, and more. k. The Aroma This strain is good for relieving pain and anxiety. has stayed on the strongest strains list for the past couple of years. There is several different cuts available here in California. Photos, genetics, availbility, and more. hybrid. Like the previous strain, Power Kush is known to give consumers many of the Indica weed strain benefits you would expect while allowing you to stay productive. Sativa, spacey at first then, creative happy fun It smells strong very pungent but not a skunk pungent smells like someone put sugar in a bucket of paint and pine needles. The thick, frosty leaves of the Death Star strain smoke very smooth and slow while, at the same time, delivering a heady indica punch for those who want to get stuck on their couch for a few hours. Another true landrace, the Durban is the only strain on The List that hails from Africa. Smoke reviews from the Endangered Strains List of heirloom herb. The group is a collective of a bunch of growers that created the strains such as Cherry Pie and Sunset Sherbert. This strain is a heavy indica dominant hybrid with a true cookie taste! Strain Review: Give Thanks for OutCo’s Cookie Pucker For millenials who dread the thought of having to carve turkey and avoid arguments with… Concentrate Reviews Indica dominant Cookies Kush is a cross between two classic strains Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. Spring is finally here and it's our favorite month. Hy. a Girl Scout Cookies), a cultural phenomenon known for its high concentrations of THC and its sweet  Check out all the recently added cannabis strains in the Leafly Explorer, including Nightmare Cookies, Versace, Magic Beans OG, and more. The strain has a moderate THC level that produces a strong, but not too powerful body buzz. It’s mild but powerful effects won’t have you bouncing off the walls or held captive by your couch, but it will take you to places you’ve never been before. 11) Afghan Kush top strongest marijuana strains - thc & cbd - buyers guide Photo credit - Google Images Mosaic We searched the internet, top to bottom and found the most potent strains of medical marijuana. This tasty bud has a cult following because of its cookie-like flavors and super sweet hybrid effects. It’s a terrific strain for beginners and experienced growers alike and will please both medical and recreational users. " This indica-dominant strain is effective for anyone who is looking to regain their lost appetite, and it also does an excellen This strain, with its frosty lime green and golden calix tips, really takes the cake when it comes to new and exciting strains. This strain is a treasure for social gatherings, as it can usher in silly thoughts and some munchie madness. This 2014 Cannabis Cup award recipient, said to have been bred The Girls Scout cookie (GSC) strain might be one of the most popular hybrid strains out there today. First coming on to the scene somewhere around the year 2011, here are five (5) reasons why this hybrid strain is taking everywhere by the storm. Connect. co with a THC level of 25 to 28 percent. A strain to lend its genetics to endless hybrids, the Skunk strain has had one of the largest impacts on the cannabis community since its early days in the seventies. Cookie Monster Strain Cannabis Seed Item Number : CM-00-0 This hybrid of Cookie Family’s G. Emperor Cookie Dough has a sweet, nutty flavor, accentuated by hints of citrus and diesel. Gorilla Glue, the strain who keeps the West Coast raving and rolling! If you’re still wondering why Gorilla Glue is one of the most-talked about strains these days, how about 24-26% of THC with some of her phenos measuring an incredible 30%? In search of the strongest strain A strain named Gorilla Glue No. Cookies. Although the Fortune Cookies strain is extremely similar, there are a few tiny genetic differences that have given it a slightly different terpene profile and list of effects than the Below you can find a list of strains that are parents and predecessors which led to the medicinal effects and properties of the Gelato cannabis strain. Get all the delicious details about every variety of Girl Scout Cookie! You may even find a new favorite! Plus get nutritional and allergen information. Cookies are typically made with flour, egg, sugar, and some type of shortening such as butter or cooking oil, and baked into a small, flat shape. This is a cross of the 2 best bay area cookies! Over the last 15 years, I have had the blessing of extracting over 5,000 unique cannabis varietals to create hash. A long time ago in a grow room far, far away, The Farm Genetics™ master breeders envisioned an alien strain so stellar, it could teleport your mind to distant galaxies. CPS Dolceden (H) Girl Scout Cookies x Cookie Pebbles x Gelato x Wedding Cake CPS Dosidex (I) Girl Scout Cookies x Creme de la Chem CPS Depacan (S) Dark Shadow Haze CPS Erledex (I) Triangle Kush x OG Kush CPS Falcoden (I) Tomahawk CPS Fersek (S) Cookie Pebbles ; CPS Fioraden A (I) Starkiller ; CPS Fioraden B (S) Ghost Train Haze Appearance and Smell. 9. We're doing things a bit different for month of April as we lead up to the very best holiday — 4/20! Each week, we'll be featuring a new strain from our friends at Alternative Solutions: $13/g or $45. Obviously, growing outdoors in a cooler climate isn’t ideal, but it’s totally doable. Hybrid. Here you can find all info about Cookie from Purple Caper Seeds. These marijuana plants produce mild yields of nice-looking buds. Where can you get Girl  Jul 24, 2018 ACDC and Lamb's Bread and Ghost OG, oh my: Researchers compare the genetics of cannabis strains and find irregularities. The first strain Trifi Cookies , is a highly sought after clone only strain, which was The first strain which always is on my rotation list is Lamb's Bread, also known   Dec 11, 2017 We often get asked what strains are best for indoor growing and which will . Fuck Cookie fam , fat boy berner, jigga, all those posers Like its parent strain, Sour Diesel, Death Star produces flavors akin to the pungent, earthy diesel we’ve all come to know and love. girls scouts cookies, cookies, samoas, girl scout cookies, gluten free girl scout cookies, girl scout cookie flavors Cereal mYlk is a blend of Y Life and Snowman. It definitely shows you that the cookie genetics are very strong in this particular strain because you only smelled that after you open the jar! Girl Scout Cookies are here! Find cookie booths in your area, get details on every delicious variety, see how girls learn essential skills, and lots more! girlscout cookies, girl scout cookie, girls scout cookies Spring is finally here and it's our favorite month. Patients who medicate infrequently will find this  4G is a cross between Gelato #45 x Gorilla Glue #4 x Girl Scout Cookies. Marijuana businesses or any legal aged individuals can own a link directly to any existing name or create a new strain name. Girl Scout Cookies. DOWNLOADABLE LIST CBD stands for Cannabidiol and has gained huge acclaim in the last half dozen years as a cannabinoid that has tremendous medical and therapeutic value but does not have the euphorant value of THC. Bubba Cookies is an indica-dominant strain that medical marijuana patients can use for a variety of benefits. It’s not their strain, they got a p that had seeds and thinking of Chem, he scrounged them up and started his bs campaign. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is certainly one of the latter. It may sound simple, get a male and female plant together, put them both in a room, then put on  Mar 26, 2015 Get to know the cannabis strain GSC (f. The action directs staff at OLCC to fairly implement criteria to restrict a narrow set of strain names that refer to cartoon characters, or are names associated with toys and games marketed to or by children. With the correct knowledge and research, it is totally possible to cultivate a dank batch of Girl Scout Cookies weed. I have smoked the Cali Connection Girl Scout Cookies and forum cut which i have smoked. The numbers increase with every new crop produced around the world. Her moderate, 15%-19% THC content makes this kush a good choice for first Cookie OG is a hybrid strain containing a mixture of both, Indica and Sativa varieties. This smell also has fruity and coffee tones. Power Kush. GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) is a Cannabis Cup award-winning strain comprised of OG Kush and Durban Poison and is perfect for an after-dinner treat or a nightcap. scout cookies”. This gives you bud, without all of the trouble! This is a list of notable cookies (American English), also called biscuits (British English). Girl Scout Cookies is an Indica dominant hybrid that’s taken the cannabis world by storm in recent years. The Emperor Cookie Dough, a cross between Emperor OG and Girl Scout Cookies, was entered into the Denver US Cannabis Cup by the Greenwolf LA crew and is one of only two strains ever to cross the Girl Scout Cookie strain from the “Cookie Family” is one of the most popular strains in America. Here at SeedSupreme, we carry only the most  Explore our library of marijuana strains by species and type. In a retail market that is decriminalised such as in The Netherlands, where wholesale production is illegal but  Apr 8, 2017 Find information about the Cookies Kush cannabis strain including reviews from other users, its most common effects, where to find it, and  Cookies, also known more commonly as “Girl Scout Cookies,” is an indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through a three-way cross of  Strain Index. Cookie Monster is an indica-dominant strain that blends the rock-solid lineage of two famous strains. Stellar in every sense, Gorilla Glue incorporates everything any mom would want in a hybrid. Cookies Kush · Cookies OG  Marijuana Girl Scout Cookies Review. Cookie Dough’s effects align closely with GSC’s, offering medical-grade sedation on the body and a well-lit mind that borders on speedy. Some varieties have tight buds and green leaves, with bright orange pistils, frosty white trichomes, and other varieties wrap these same colors in beautiful purple leaves. This strain greatly improves your mood that in place of stress, you feel elated and happy, and that greatly helps those who have anxiety issues such as depression. This makes it a good choice for pain or anxiety. Typical Effects: Alien Cookie Walker is an easygoing, smooth strain that has a tendency to slightly numb the lips upon inhaling. Gorilla Glue: productive West Coast Legend. The program is suitable for users who wish to So far I have these on my list (I intend to grow all of these at some point) Blueberry - Dutch Passion, Vanilla Kush - Barneys Farm Papaya - Nirvana Money Maker - Green House BUT Then I found some ''pure'' indicas, and having a long love affair with hash these strains peeked my interest and simply must be added to my list. Popularity can be subjective, so we went over to the authority of cannabis strain info to compile our top 50 marijuana strains list; leafly. Here a short overview about all cannabis-strains with the brand "Cookie". Cookie F2 Father - (Cookie x Cookie) This is a local Bay Area Strain. Girl Scout Cookies are more than just a snack that can be bought from your local do-gooders - this is also the name of one of the most enjoyable and awesome hybrid strains for smokers of all leagues - pony to major. But well, as we all know, assumptions can be wrong. a. We grew out 6 different cuts and chose the best for Back Crossing to the proven Clone Breeder. If there is a cookie that you love that you don’t see here, please feel free to comment below! Girl Scout Cookies Strain. The dominant Indica side of this strain also gives you a strong physical body high, that greatly offers relief from chronic pains and aches. Cannabis Marijuana clones and seeds available from Medicinal Organic Nursery Three-time Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer, who was 7-0 with a 0. There are many things to consider during the process of concentrating cannabis, but the most easily controlled, pertinent variable to focus on is the strain of cannabis from which the starting material originated. After you finish once and keep stroking it, the consistency of the jizz becomes like Gorilla Glue, making it hard to keep stroking and finish a second time. The flowering time of Cookies Kush is between 50 to 60 days, eventually producing trichome heavy buds ready to be utilised for their high THC content. The strain did not appear in Colorado’s or Washington’s top 10 strain list until January 2016. Comments. How to grow Girl Scout Cookies. Flame, rapper: "It's like a cross between Bubblegum and Girl Scout Cookies. breed by Purple Caper Seeds. comes to us from the crossing of another strain on the list,  Apr 1, 2017 White Tahoe Cookies Marijuana Strain Get Fired Up And Fight For . The different marijuana names are very creative. Jul 15, 2016 Cannabis Cross Strains: Cookie Heritage. Search by popularity, time of use, common uses, effects and of course: indica, sativa and hybrid. During the course of the series, 46 episodes of The Strain aired over four seasons. The strain was developed by a Nor-Cal group of associates known simply as the Cookie Family. One of the reasons why we included this strain in the list, aside from it's high . Cookie Dough We decided to take Do-si-dos and back cross it with one of its parents the infamous Girl Scout Cookies. Emperor Cookie Dough will leave you daydreamy and thoughtful, with cerebral effects thanks to the Durban Poison. This strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, meaning that it will produce more of a “head high” rather than a Our Sin Mint Cookies is our signature hybrid cross between GSC and Blue Power. coli   Blueberry Headband, Hybrid, Headband x Blueberry x Emerald OG Kush x Cali Sour D x Monkey Business, Sativa Hybrid, Girl Scout Cookie x Gorilla Glue. Whether you're a veteran smoker or a total beginner, there's never been a better chance that you're going to be legally buying marijuana in the very near future — if not already. strong weed high in thc//the opposite of a reggie. Another great strain bred by the Cookie Fam. Nightmare Cookies is the newest addition to a growing number of Cookie cuts in the Leafly Database. Listing the cannabis strains with the highest THC levels is a difficult task, for one thing there are dozens of strains that yield high THC content. Discover. Jul 4, 2019 Like Girl Scout Cookies, this candy indica strain may not yield as much as other . Like the cookies, Girl Scout Cookie seeds sells out fast. She's a 60% Sativa and 40% Indica strain that yields heavy with an extremely unique terpene profile that is great for concentrates! I knew that Gorilla Glue #4 was a hybrid, but based solely on the name, I assumed that it was going to be a stoney, indica dominant strain, poised to stick me to the couch. The Cookie Family are from Northern California the San Francisco area. What is the Gorilla Glue Strain? Gorilla Glue is an Indica dominant strain that was developed in 2012. Original reporting and compelling writing on local news, restaurants, arts and culture have made Phoenix New Times a vital resource for readers who want to understand and engage with their community. Cookie OG nugs have a delicious aroma of lemons and earth, with hints of skunk. Below you can find a list of strains which were bred from Cookie Monster in an attempt to leverge it's medicinal properties and growing attributes. COOKIES OG | Our strain that is a combination of GSC (f. Initial effects may begin to emerge after about fifteen minutes, at which point users detect a pressure around the eyes and temples. Carlton Cuse serves as executive producer and showrunner. About Cookie's. Scratch that. Its uplifting effects are strong and stony and are a welcome treat for avid smokers. A male who does anal. OgKushbreath is the owner of The Cookie Company in San Jose and is business partners with Berner, the origin of his cut is one of the only that can be tracked directly back to the cookie crew. In regards to difficulty, GSC sits somewhere in the middle. Members of the crew have admitted that this cut is the most like their prized thin mint cut. Very strong. This resulted in a heavily indica dominant strain producing THC levels of 25% and upwards. The Fruity Pebbles strain is an excellent choice for the beginner and expert alike. Not only does it help you release the The Altruistic StrainHunters have compiled an updated list of CBD Dominant Cannabis Strains. Girl Scout Cookies) crossed with ocean grown (OG) Dec 28, 2018 In this article, we explore high THC indica, sativa and hybrid strains. If you are displeased with the information and want Monster Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid that builds on some strong and flavorful genetics. We also know it was the work of a group of cannabis engineers known locally as the ‘Cookie Family’ and that it didn’t take long for it to gain fame and notoriety across the west coast. The back cross was an idea to stabilise the alr Cookie Dough is a wonderfully potent Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. The popularity of the Girl Scout Cookies strain and its various phenotypes has resulted in a great deal of confusion regarding two things: Which phenotype is considered the “real” or “original” Girl Scout Cookies? What is the Girl Scout Cookie strain’s true genetic make-up (or parents)? 3x Crazy INDICA_DOMINANT. A brief lift with a studied concentration, settling into a long body high come down. HD Cannabis Strain Directory is a comprehensive database that offers you information regarding Cannabis strains and the distributors who sell them. All0-9ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. cookie strain list

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